Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Well, well, well... should I try this again or should I just drop it...4

I was thinking about keeping a daily blog, and seeking out for support as I plan on loosing quite a few kgs this year. On december 30th 2011 I will turn 30 years old and I do not want to look like I look now, I need to eat better/more healthy and I need to work out...
My fault is that I can stick to those things for like 2 weeks or so, then somehow I just slip and slip and slip.
There are several big events this year, in the summer and I belive if I just stick to my plans I can look great before that. I don't want to meet people in Paris at the world show and have them thinking "my oh my, someone has been living inside the refridirator" or something like that. I do feel like shit the way I am now, and I don't want to feel that way.
One of my new year resolutions is to be more positive instead of always seeing the negative first and it's hard when I feel like this inside.
So the plan it to be more active and sportive. The gym is not far away and the system they have there is great. So I need to go there a MINIMUM of 2 times a week. I'll probably up the number later on but I have to make it doable to start with so I can do it.
I want to go for more walks with the dogs, I admit to have been a bit lazy this year, and I want to use my bicycle more and use it with the dogs!
I'd love to be able to wake up early in the morning and either go for a walk with some of the dogs or go to the gym... the problem is I'm a B person and find it very hard to wake up before 10, sometimes 10 is very hard for me to do!
So there are many things that need to change, I want to live a fuller and healthier life.

The weather is kinda shitty right now, it's been raining and if it stops it still looks like it'll start again any minute so I haven't been out yet like I planned and now it will be dark soon.. so for tomorrow, I will go for a walk and I will not wait until it looks like it wont rain, I'll just go. Penny and Dollar really need to go out and stretch their legs and use up some of that built up energy they have!!

So this year will be so much better than the last!! I hope I can get to some courses, photography or photoshop, maybe webdesign..
I also really, really hope I can get myself a new camera, mine is just not doing it for me anymore and I have to work 5 times as hard to get photos I could easily get on the camera I want and I've toned it down to just wanting a Nikon D90, then I can save up for an objective later... I just want a new camera!!!!

Oh well, no complaining, positive thinking! Let's see if I will manage to keep the blog up and running:)


  1. Of course 2011 will be great! And I'm glad you've started blogging again, you can post photos and short comments on FB and a website, but you normally don't get to really write something longer than that.

  2. I agree with the blogging need, facebook has really taken over all the "small stuff", but I still find the need to write something longer than just a couple of lines. Just maby not as often as I used to :)

    Also I need some of your willpower with the "getting in shape" plan, as I am always working on mine, and still not getting very far (I blame all the reading and exams, as it is more easy to sit still all day and concentrate if you munch on something at the same time)