Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Well, well, well... should I try this again or should I just drop it...4

I was thinking about keeping a daily blog, and seeking out for support as I plan on loosing quite a few kgs this year. On december 30th 2011 I will turn 30 years old and I do not want to look like I look now, I need to eat better/more healthy and I need to work out...
My fault is that I can stick to those things for like 2 weeks or so, then somehow I just slip and slip and slip.
There are several big events this year, in the summer and I belive if I just stick to my plans I can look great before that. I don't want to meet people in Paris at the world show and have them thinking "my oh my, someone has been living inside the refridirator" or something like that. I do feel like shit the way I am now, and I don't want to feel that way.
One of my new year resolutions is to be more positive instead of always seeing the negative first and it's hard when I feel like this inside.
So the plan it to be more active and sportive. The gym is not far away and the system they have there is great. So I need to go there a MINIMUM of 2 times a week. I'll probably up the number later on but I have to make it doable to start with so I can do it.
I want to go for more walks with the dogs, I admit to have been a bit lazy this year, and I want to use my bicycle more and use it with the dogs!
I'd love to be able to wake up early in the morning and either go for a walk with some of the dogs or go to the gym... the problem is I'm a B person and find it very hard to wake up before 10, sometimes 10 is very hard for me to do!
So there are many things that need to change, I want to live a fuller and healthier life.

The weather is kinda shitty right now, it's been raining and if it stops it still looks like it'll start again any minute so I haven't been out yet like I planned and now it will be dark soon.. so for tomorrow, I will go for a walk and I will not wait until it looks like it wont rain, I'll just go. Penny and Dollar really need to go out and stretch their legs and use up some of that built up energy they have!!

So this year will be so much better than the last!! I hope I can get to some courses, photography or photoshop, maybe webdesign..
I also really, really hope I can get myself a new camera, mine is just not doing it for me anymore and I have to work 5 times as hard to get photos I could easily get on the camera I want and I've toned it down to just wanting a Nikon D90, then I can save up for an objective later... I just want a new camera!!!!

Oh well, no complaining, positive thinking! Let's see if I will manage to keep the blog up and running:)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Super bad, lazy blogger

Facebook has basically taken over the "need" to blog regularly and is the reason I haven't blogged in a long time.
But I still like blogs, I like to read them and like to follow up on friends who are blogging so I better keep this blog alive if I think others should.

Life goes on here in Belgium. For about 3-4 weeks ago it looked like summer was coming, it was warm and I could even sunbath and got some color, then Tone came from Norway for a weekend visit and the day before she came the good weather decided to go and it's been raining and been cold and what not ever since. Until today when the weather finally seems to be like it should be this late in may. I just want sun, sun and more sun!!

There have been some shows since my last blog, Casper was shown in Dortmund where he didn't really win anything the first day but surprisingly enough when I got his written critique he had gotten a reserve VDH wich actually turned out to be a full VDH because it was a big show and he got the DPK (German poodle club) CAC as well, and the same happened the day after so we were happy.
Elisa came over from Finland that weekend to bring Bling back, she's been with her since last winter and had her first litter there.

Casper has also won CAC in Luxembourg, not sure I have blogged about that, and last weekend he finally got his first CAC in Belgium! Man I am glad for that, 1 year and 1 day need to pass between the first and last CAC (and they need to get a total of 4) to become a Belgian champion so it was about time to get that first one, then we can take a little brake and focus on the other ones a bit later.
He actually got a new title as well at that show in Wieze, Belgium. He was best male, and ended up being best of opposite and got the title "hopkoning 2010". Ira got that title last year at that same show.
While Casper was in the ring with Emilie, I was showing Stella and she did the same, best bitch, best of opposite, CAC and "Hopkoningin 2010".
Of course Casper and Stella were in the ring at the exact same time. When the IGs started it looked like I'd make it, show Stella and then run to the poodles and show Casper, but I asked Emilie to take Casper to the ring for me and be ready there with him, and if I wasn't there when it was his turn to take him in for me.
Well of course the IG judging took longer, the judge had a student who was learning to judge the breed so they were talking about the qualities and faults and what you put up and so on so when Stella was finally done and I went running to the poodle ring (which was in the other hall) I just saw Emilie in the ring stacking Casper for some photographers.

So that was the past few weeks. I have been going to the gym and I was getting good, but I've taken a turn to the worse again. I don't know why I can't be consistent and why it's so hard to go back if I haven't been there for over a week. I need to get myself together and GO and go every day like I did!

Nox has been mated with Uzzah in Germany, now we just hope she's got little Nox babies in her belly:)

I have to get going now, need to bath Casper & Toshi, and groom Ninja. I'm going to a show on saturday and need to do a preparation bath and grooming today, plus I need to clean a whole lot of things and i WILL go to the gym today!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

All good

Everything is good here:) The puppies are what life is about these days, they will be 5 weeks already on friday! They have moved up to the livingroom/kitchen and are either in their little homemade puppypen or running free when the dogs are out. I tryed to let them be free with the dogs yesterday evening and that went surprisingly well! The only one that I need to watch is Stella, she likes to play with the puppies... she just doesn't realise she's much bigger and can't play that harsly with them but they all like her and tails are wagging all the time:)

I'm still in love with the fawn girl, I think she'll be the one. I don't want to make the choice already as they are still very, very young but she's just got something about her that draws me too her and I just have this feeling about her.. she's even got a name:) Penny!

I am mainly blogging because I am trying to post this photo and it's too small if I attach it to my post so I need to copy it from here and then it should be ok:) So with this photo of Killer we say goodbye to the winter!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Miss bad blogger

I'm sorry for being such a bad blogger these days:)

It's just puppies, puppies, puppies and I have a special blog for the puppies wich you can watch here:

Everything is just fine otherwise, I had Silja and Dora come over and pick up Orka the BC so she's gone:) They drove from Denmark to here and stayed over for the weekend and then drove back on monday:) It was loads of fun having them over:) We took photos of the showleads Dora is making, I'm also selling them here, they are fabulous:) We took photos of Orka, Dollar, Joey got to model one of the showleads and he worked his ass off.. I'm still not too happy with those photos, his coat is a bit thin always in the wintertime and his skin isn't "tanned" like it is in the summer so his coat doesn't look black and you can see it's thin.. but he had fun and impressed Dora with his will to work:)

The house is pretty empty without the clumsy little BC puppy who's name fits her oh so well!
Orka means energy in icelandic and she had plenty of that! Now Silja gets to work of that energy and maybe raise Orka to be a proper BC cuz I have found out that I cannot raise a dog of this caliber hahaha I suck as a trainer.. but Orka did kinda learn to sit while she was here.. and I shall always take credit for that hahahahaha even if it was just sit to get some food or treats:)

So there's not much to say, haven't been to the gym much, first I was waiting for the puppies and didn't want to leave Tingen alone, and I got sick.. again! It was awful, my cough was SO bad and everytime I coughed I just wanted to cry because it hurt so much. Nick made me some grugg i mugg wich has another name but I can't remember that.. it's chamomile tea, honey and whisky (jameson) and after drinking a cup or 2 of that, take an aspro (some sort of painkiller) and go to sleep..
It worked wonders! My cough got much better, and after 2 nights of doing this I got better!

So this week I'm not drinking any coca cola! Or trying, we'll see how it goes, I'm going to 2 dogshows this coming weekend and if I want coke at the show I'm havign coke! It's in Germany the first day and here in Belgium the 2nd day and Casper is entered:) We'll see how it goes, I'm definetly gonna take my head with me this time and not drink too much redwine the night before the show and get 4 hours of sleep.. no way! We're gonna make a good presentation, and I'm thinking if I should go to showtraining tomorrow and if I should take Casper, or someone else..

That's all I have to say folks:) Gonna do some cleaning now and sit with the puppies and perhaps feed little Tingen:)

Monday, February 8, 2010


The puppies have finally arrived.. actually they came 4 days to early but that's ok, they are all looking good and gaining weight normally.
They are 3 days old today and the worlds most beautiful puppies -what else:)

I started the "super puppy program" with them today wich means I stimulate them in several different ways and it prepares them better for situations they're uncomfortable in later on in life (new places, shows, etc). It used and still is being used on dogs in the military and the police so this is not some "hocus pocus" bullshit, it's studied and proofed to be working so I always do it on my pups:)

Other than the puppies coming there aren't any news really. Casper became 4 years old on saturday and I haven't been to the gym for a week now because I didn't want to leave Tingen alone, because I knew she'd have the puppies soon.

I am getting sick AGAIN! My 2nd cold this year and february has just started.. I don't think my previous cold really got out of the system and is blossoming up now again to my great happiness so I'm taking it easy these days as I don't want to get sicker.

Orka will leave next week, I haven't done as much as I wanted with her, didn't dare taking her out to the market cuz she wasn't fully vaccinated, and last week she got her last shots of course the puppies came on friday night so I didn't go to the market on saturday and now I'm getting sick so I'm staying inside and it's cold outside!!
But it's ok, at least she knows how to live with multiple dogs, she kinda knows to be in a crate.. or at least eat in a crate.. she still doesn't like being crated in the car and complains all the time.. we'll see how the ride to A'dam will be when I pick Dora up.. 2 hours driving with Orka.. don't know what I'll do if she'll be complaining all the way hehehe but at least I will then hand her over to Dora very gladly lol:)

That's it for now, there are puppyphotos all over the place, on FB both on my FB site and the Caeles FB fan site, on my website where I have started a puppyblog where I update almost every day now with info and photos so just check that out:)

Thursday, February 4, 2010


allright ppl.. the show on sunday!

Gosh, I can sometimes be such and idiot and totally not using my head. I had a big plan on saturday.. when I would go to sleep, bath Casper and all that so I'd be all rested out and ready to "kick some ass" on sunday..
Well, that didn't work out as you might have found out... we had just bought tekken 6 for the playstation. It's a martial arts game and I had played it once on playstation 1 a billion years ago and loved it. So we started playing a bit in the day and it was fun, and I sucked...
Then we rented some movies, I was gonna watch one movie and then bath Casper and go to sleep..
Well when the movie (wich was awful, demon somthing with Cuba Gooding Jr) was finished I was gonna go do what I had planned and Nick was gonna watch "final destination".. it was in 3D and there were glasses with it. I had never seen a movie in 3D and of course wanted to see how it was.. so I watched half of the movie before deciding it was boring and that I had to go do something.
I didn't bath Casper though, and I didn't go to sleep. After Nick had watched the movie I had a glass of redwine, I had decided to go to sleep a bit later as I wasn't that tired and wake up earlier and bath Casper in the morning (=at 4 am)...
I had to finish my glass of wine before going to sleep so we started playing tekken.. and I finished my glass, and 2 more.. the box of redwine was empty and that should have stopped me but I was very thirsty so we opened a bottle and had that and kept on playing! I started to be better and better and won several times:)
Between 1 and 2am we finally went to sleep... it was a short night and at 20 before 4 I wake up to Casper squeezing in between our heads.. I had 20 more minutes of sleep and of course couldn't really sleep because I was up.. but I stayed in bed and at 4 I stood up, brushed Casper and bathed and made him ready.
Then I had to load the car I had already put some stuff in the night before but the table and groomingbox had to go in... I was so on time this morning that it was incredible!
I am ALWAYS a half hour behind schedule..
So I go to the car, it was rather cold outside and yes the lock was frozen so I could hardly get the key in! After alot of swearing, a little kicking and trying to getting the key in I made it.. but it took about 15 minutes I think!
Ok all stuff in the car, start the car and get it warm.. put location in the gps and finish loading the car and off I go... half an hour after schedule.. but it was ok, I got an ok parking space (the parking in Mouscron is AWFUL, there are hardly any spaces there).
So in I go and get set up next to Wendy, Caspers groomer.

Then hangover took over.. or something. I wasn't feeling bad but I was just "off" when the time came to get ready and go in the ring. Casper was also very unfocused and not performing like he usually does.. so we got the reserve after the white italian champion male who was shown for the first time and ended up best male.
It was ok, of course I would have liked to have won, I need to get a CAC on Casper to start his belgian championship (a year and a day need to pass between the first and last CAC so the sooner the better..)
Casper has now 2 reserves here and I really need to get a CAC. He's entered to Gent in the end of february so we'll see what happens then.
I am gonna go to showtraining with him and get my act together.
I was so ashamed of myself and my performance in the ring.. I looked like a complete beginner and I guess when you don't go to shows every weekend and haven't done it for a while you get a bit rusty... and there are so many more things to think about when showing a poodle vs showing an IG so I really need to go train and find my style again because I have learned alot and seen alot of I was gonna "do it all" and of course it got messy... so the reserve was deserved:)

Tingen is exploding, she's so pregnant it looks like she ate a watermelon or a football or something! She's rather uncomfortalbe now, didn't sleep much this night so I guess the puppies will be arriving soon.

We didn't go to the gym this week, I don't want to leave Tingen alone now in case she starts her labour so hopefully the pups will come this week and I can go to the gym on monday.

That's all for today:)

Friday, January 29, 2010

No news..

I haven't been blogging because I just don't have much to say, I'm not doing anything special, just taking care of the dogs and the house and that's about it.

We did go to our restaurant last friday for a belated birthday dinner (my birthday dinner), it was very good as always, we ordered the same meat, as always.. and I got a bottle of redwine and a "happy birthday" song played for me:)

Tingen is just getting bigger and bigger, she still has 2 weeks to go, I sat with her yesterday in the sofa and the puppies were very active in her belly! It's an amazing feeling and I absolutely love it:) Can't wait for them to come join the real world:)

I'm still going to the gym, we've been going 2 times a week now doing our circle, and today we'll add on another circle. As I said before these are special workouts after a special system, you start out doing 1 circle (2 times) and then when ready you go on and do 2 different circles (2 times each) and that's were we're at now.
I asked the trainer in the gym on tuesday if it's ok for me to start coming in the mornings as well next week or if it was too much to do that (since I'm trying to build up my stamina and muscles) and he said it would be fine, I could to some cardio so that's the plan now.
I'm going to try to have some sort of a social life this year, and get more out of the house and going to the gym is a good excuse to go out even if I'm not chatting with ppl there.
Then I plan to go to some show/handling classes in the evenings once a week, and racing trainings when they start and maybe try to do some basic obidience training if I find good classes nearby.
I think it will do me a world of good, I'm always at home. Just can't do much now since we're expecting puppies and racing and probably obidience doesn't start untill it's a bit warmer outside and that's fine with me, I don't like standing out in the cold and the dogs agree.

That's it for today:)